Once a month we have an event for the children at Dining Plaza on floor 1.
where we have pottering, giveaways, activities and sometimes performances on the little autumn stage.

Årstidarna's event on Dining Plaza:

29/1 – Årstidarna's smoothie challenge: Make your own smoothie. Vote for Årstidarna's most delicious smoothie!
12/2 – Á la cup cakes Vallentine's day with Årstidarna: Decorate cupcakes with frosting, jelly hearts and other sweet things.
12/3 – Vegetable challenge with Årstidarna: Turn ordinary vegetables into Årstidarna's delicacies.
9/4 – Easter preperations: Create marzipan chickens with a confectioner.
14/5 – Årstidarna's clever taste figures.
20/8 – Årstidarna's dipping sauce special: Vote for Årstidarna's most delicious dipping sauce!
24/9 – Årstidarna's autumn skewers: Create your own cold skewers as an inspiration.
22/10 – Årstidarna's scary Halloween food: Create fun and scary Halloween snacks and food.
19/11 – Årstidarna's clever chocolate figures.
17/12 – Help Årstidarna decorate ginger breads: Decorate ready-made ginger breads.


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