Welcome all children of the age of 2 to 10 to Årstidarna's childcare service!

Right next to the play area, you find "Årstidarna's clearing", where all children of the of 2 to 10 are welcome to play under the supervision of our fantastic staff. The concept of the four seasons (Årstidarna) can be found in the activities here - it's all about the seasons, Scandinavia's nature, teamwork and friendship. It is rewarding and fun.

We aim at giving your child an experience and therefore follow a schedule, including a gathering for singing, pottering, games and a fairy tale tread aloud. But everything is on your child's condition. If they would rather play bny themselves with the toys, dress up or just relax, it is absolutely fine.

årstidarnas childcare service årstidarnas childcare service


Opening hours

Saturdays 12.30-17.00
Sundays 12.30-17.00



Age limit: 2-10 years old
Price: 99 SEK (49 SEK for loyalty members)
Length of shift 1 hour 20 min
Booking: Click here >>


Take into consideration:
•A shift per day is 1 hour and 20 minutes long. For the sake of the children, please respect the time set for your check out, the next shift will start immediately after.

•For your children's safety it is important that you are available at Mall of Scandinavia during your child's visit. Please check your phone and be attentive to the announcements at the mall.

•We want to keep ourselves and the children well and healty. Please respect this and do not bring a child that is ill in some way. Welcome back another time! Thank you for your understanding.

•For safety reasons, only people who have legitimated at the check in can pick up their children.

•In case of evacuation of the mall, we take your children to safety. Our meeting spot is a Arenatorget between Mall of Scandinavia and Arenan.

For more information, contact the reception: info@mallofscandinavia.se | 08-4000 8000

We are looking forward to giving your children an experience!


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