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Welcome to Max

Welcome to the Max Hamburger chain in Mall of Scandinavia. We have been serving burgers at Max since 1968. We make the tastiest burgers from the best raw ingredients. At Max our dishes are prepared with Swedish beef, chicken and bacon. Even our milk and eggs come from Swedish farmers. Max was the first burger chain to offer a low fat menu that did not compromise on taste and flavour. At our Delifresh counter you will find chicken and burgers, GI burgers, salads, bean salads, mini carrots. We also serve coffee, donuts, chocolate chip cookies. Max has something for everyone. See you soon when your hunger hits.
Our menu includes Max meal, Max Supreme meal, Caesar grilled chicken, Frisco meal, nugget meals, Grand Deluxe Steak ’n’ bacon, Crispy Chicken ’n’ bacon, Grand Deluxe Cheese ’n’ bacon, etc.

Opening hours
Sunday-Thursday: 10.00 AM-12.00 AM
Friday-Saturday: 10.00 AM-01.00 AM